Environmental Probing and Geotechnical Coring


Equipment and Capabilities

Equipment - Includes direct-push probes mounted on skid steers to allow for access to remote locations.  Our direct-push units are capable of turning augers to allow for a single mobilization of equipment.

Disposal - We can carry away soil or groundwater generated during the work to save time and money.

Other - We can also assist with chemical injections, surveying of monitoring wells, and closure of monitoring wells.


Sampling and Tooling

Sampling and Tooling - Our sampling and tooling includes direct-push macro and dual-tube sampling, hollow and solid stem augers, rock and concrete coring, split spoon sampling, and Shelby Tube sampling.

Sub-Slab - We can install sub-slab vapor and soil-gas sampling points.

Injections - We have an extensive collection of chemical injection equipment for remediation services at contaminated sites.



We have multiple personnel/operators with 15-20 years of experience with direct-push, drilling, and chemical injection.

We have installed thousands of soil borings and monitoring wells in all types of soil and rock, from 10 feet to 200 feet deep.  We have assisted with LNAPL sites at gas stations, UST facilities, and solvent sites.  We have assisted with DNAPL sites at industrial plants and dry-cleaners.  We have also assisted with drilling/probing services for hundreds of Phase II ESAs over the entire US.