Subsurface Remediation Experts


Vacuum Remediation Overview

We provide this service to both internal clients and environmental consultants.  We are a leader in Subsurface Remediation and our data and reporting are unmatched.

  • Dual Phase Remediation
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Vacuum Truck Events
  • Mobile High Vacuum Multi-Phase Extraction
  • Mobile Enhanced Multi-Phase Extraction
  • High Vacuum Recovery
  • Mobile Vac Events


Details of Services

Vacuum extraction of impacted groundwater, free-product, and vapor phase hydrocarbons from  gas/diesel releases as well as other petroleum impacts.

You might prefer this method of remediation compared to a permanent system since it is less intrusive and typically less expensive.

You might be trying to size a permanent system at your site and you want to test vacuum, vapor flow, and extraction rates.

LP Environmental has performed hundreds of high vacuum extraction events and can tailor data collection to your needs.

  • 2 hour events
  • 8 hour events
  • 12 hours events
  • 24 hours events
  • 48+ hour events


Equipment and Safety

Our remediation system was custom designed and built by our owner specifically for effectiveness and data collection at UST gas station sites.  Our equipment and safety features are as follows:

  • 400 CFM
  • Up to 27" Hg continuous vacuum
  • Powered by 42 hp diesel engine
  • Manifolding 5+ wells simultaneously
  • Influent and effluent samples
  • Vapor discharge and flow rates
  • Trailer-mounted (small footprint for gas stations)
  • 100% manned (no off-site or unmanned monitoring)
  • 450-gallon steel knockout tank with primary shut-off
    • XP float switch with transfer relays
  • Continuous operation for duration of event
  • 20-gallon steel secondary shut-off
  • 10-gallon steel pump pre-filter
  • 10-gallon steel oil catchment/muffler
  • Vacuum and pressure relieve trees with redundancy
  • High temperature shut-off controls
  • Operator control panel with E-stops
  • TEFC transfer pumps capable of handling gas or diesel product
  • Up to 5,000-gallon storage tanks
  • Disposal included as part of our package